August 21 Zodiac Sign Traits, Personality & Meaning

Were you born on August 21st and wondering what your zodiac sign says about you? Do you want to learn more about the personality, traits, compatibility and horoscope for this date?

As an August 21 birthday , your astrological sign is directly tied to the majestic, confident Leo. Let’s explore in detail:

August 21 Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign for August 21 is Leo . More specifically, this date falls toward the end of the Leo zodiac range.

What Zodiac Sign is August 21st?

So if you were born on August 21st , your astrology sign is Leo according to the western zodiac. In terms of eastern zodiac, August 21 birthdays are the Monkey sign.

August 21st Zodiac Sign Key Traits

As a Leo, those born on 21 August exemplify these core traits and characteristics:

  • Courageous
  • Ambitious
  • Generous
  • Loyal
  • Encouraging
  • Protective

Later in this piece we’ll explore more August 21 zodiac sign meanings connected to your birthday.

August 21 Horoscope & Birthday Meaning

Let's unlock added insight about August 21st birthday horoscope, personality predictions and numerology!

August 21st Horoscope

The horoscope and forecast for August 21st birthdays ties back to core Leo traits of ambition, leadership, drama and extroversion. There is a strong pull to share your talents, creativity and generous spirit with the wider world.

August 21 Personality

In terms of personality, August 21st is represented by natural charisma, courage and complete commitment once setting heart on a goal. Your august presence and flair for performance means all eyes turn your way. Yet you equally care about cheering on friends and providing strong loyalty.

August 21st Numerology

From numerology we find August 21 reduces to the root number 3 (8+2+1+2+0+2+3=21, 2+1=3). Number 3 carries vibrations of optimism, imagination, sociability and creative self-expression.

August 21st Birthstone

The traditional birthstone for August 21st is Peridot, carrying properties to heal inner anger and jealousy while strengthening confidence and speak spiritual truth.

August 21st Zodiac Compatibility

As a Leo, you are most romantically compatible with fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. You may also bond well with excitement-loving air signs Gemini and Libra. Clashes can occur with authority driven Capricorn or aloof Aquarius.

Deciphering the August 21 Zodiac Sign & Horoscope

Ready to go deeper? Let’s explore additional zodiac meaning for August 21 related to spirituality and symbolism:

August 21st Zodiac Symbolism

August 21 brings together Leo's affiliated elements of Fire and Fixed Earth. This imbues those born on this date with a unique blend of courage, creativity, steadfastness and determination.

The fire influence stirs you to chase passion projects with heart-centered enthusiasm. Yet fixed earth qualities also emerge seen through loyalty, resilience and commitment in love. You pour your whole self into whatever captures attention!

August 21st Astrology Meaning

On a cosmic astrological level, August 21st holds significance for walking spiritual paths that uplift or inspire society. Your natural charisma and gifts lean towards teaching, public speaking, performance art or leadership roles.

Yet there is equal pull towards creative jobs as a conduit for self-expression. Careers as an entertainer, designer, photographer or artist may fulfill inner purpose.

August 21st Zodiac Tarot Card

The tarot card aligning with this date is The Sun! This signals happiness, success, enthusiasm and positive energy manifest through following authentic joy and creative talents.

August 21st Birthday Crystal

Lastly, August 21st births connect with bloodstone crystals. This powerful stone detoxifies body and mind while increasing courage, strength and zest for tackling life’s adventures!

August 21 Zodiac SignPersonality & Compatibility

How do your August 21 zodiac traits and characteristics impact relationships, dating and compatibility?

August 21st Personality

As mentioned earlier, Leo is represented by natural confidence, loyalty and a big heart. Yet since August 21 occurs at the tail end of Leo season, additional influential traits emerge.

Secondary qualities include resourcefulness, patience and wisdom that develops over time. You exemplify both youthful joy and an old soul perspective.

August 21st Love Compatibility

In relationships, Leos born on August 21 desire partners who admire their strengths while supporting dreams. You long for mutual trust, intimacy and enjoying life’s adventures together. Growth-oriented bonds thrive with enough independence given.

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August 21 Career Opportunities

In terms of ideal jobs, the August 21st birthday suits roles involving creativity, people skills and capturing attention like CEO, teacher, counselor, spokesperson or politician.

August 21st Health

For wellness, it’s vital to manage stress and maintain emotional balance. Quieting inner criticism and fear through spiritual practices keeps energy high. Moderate exercise plus whole foods nourishes mind, body and soul.

In addition to exploring the traits for August 21st, you may wonder what sign is June 21st . June 21 births fall on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer. They exhibit the quick wit and adaptability of air sign Gemini, combined with the nurturing empathy and loyalty of water sign Cancer.

Specifics About August 21st Birthdays

To close out this piece, let’s highlight some unique traits specific to August 21st birthdays :

What is the sign for August 21st?

The astrological sign for someone born on August 21st is Leo. The August 21 zodiac sign is influenced by its placement at the tail end of the Leo range from August 10-22.

What is August 21st zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign for August 21 is Leo , which is ruled by the Sun. As a Leo, your strengths are creativity, generosity, charm and loyalty.

What does it mean to be born on August 21?

The meaning of an August 21 birthday involves possessing natural charisma and leadership abilities, along with a flair for creativity, self-expression or performing. You have courage to chase big dreams!

What is the horoscope for August 21st?

The horoscope for August 21st birthdays predicts a year of realizing creative talents or seeking advancement in career goals. Share your big heart and talents with the world!

What are August 21st zodiac signs?

In western astrology, the zodiac signs for August 21 are Leo. In the Chinese zodiac calendar, August 21 birthdays are designated as the Monkey sign, represented by quick wit, intelligence and an inventive nature.

Is August 21 a Leo or Virgo?

The zodiac designation for August 21 is Leo. While some dates towards the end of August exhibit Virgo traits, the majority of August 21st alignments still fall under majestic Leo.

In summary, the August 21st zodiac information unveiled today reveals just how much heart, charisma and loyalty you bring to the world! Embrace all aspects of yourself.